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Version 1.4


Read, Write, Append


All three binaries can be built at once or individually.

To build the 're', 'wr', and 'ap' binaries:

	$ make

To build only a specific binary, enter any of the following:

	$ make re
	$ make wr
	$ make ap

To move the 're', 'wr', and 'ap' binaries to /usr/bin and copy the manual page
file 'rewrap.7.gz' to /usr/share/man/man7:

	$ make install

To move an individual binary to /usr/bin, enter any of the following:

	$ make install-re
	$ make install-wr
	$ make install-ap

To remove the object files generated by make:

	$ make clean

To delete the installed binaries and manual:

	$ make uninstall


All three programs share a common syntax and interface. Each requires at least a single
file name parameter; multiple files may be specified. Paths can be relative or absolute. 

	re [-n|--filename] 

Read (re) will display the contents of the specified files. If '-n' or '--filename' are provided,
the name of each file will be outputted in the format /* { filename } */ before the contents of
that file is outputted.

Write (wr) and Append (ap) will prompt for a block of text to write/append to given file(s).

'wr' will not overwrite an existing file.

'ap' will create the specified file if it does not exist.

Inputting ~ (tilde) on a line by itself will complete the write/append operation.
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